The Latest from Mariposa Ranch

  • Election Day 2016

    So, what do the head cowboy and his wife think about the all this political bru-ha-ha going on?  Well, first and foremost, hallelujah - election season is almost over! At least there is an end in sight to all the hate, evil thoughts, tweets, ads etc that have inundated all of us for too long.
  • I Lead a Double Life...

    While I don’t actually lead a double life in the scintillating way you might have imagined when reading my title, I do in fact feel like I lead a double life. But I’m going to be honest here…CONFESSION TIME…I have a really hard time doing this. I want to present an honest picture of our life & I want to be interesting and real at the same time, but I feel that these things don’t converge.