our story


Hi!  Welcome to the Ranch, we're glad you're here! 

We are family ranchers in beautiful central California; we ranch alongside our 3 wonderful kids at Mariposa Ranch.  We work with great respect for the environment and the cattle in our care.  We never use hormones or antibiotics and we never feed grains to our cattle.  We don’t use herbicides, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers on our pastures.  And our cattle are grown and finished 100% on pasture.



We started Mariposa Ranch 15-years ago, under the name, Open Space Meats.  IN 2006, there were only a handful of companies producing Grass-Fed Beef in California.  As we grew and began taking on more customers and learning about our market, we realized that the people we were feeding really wanted to know how their beef was produced, where it was from, and who was doing it. 

So in 2017, we changed our name from Open Space Meats to Mariposa Ranch.  This is another way for us to be transparent and honest with our customers. 

Our name says it all! 

  • Who we are (family ranchers)
  • Where we are from (Mariposa, California)
  • What we do (100% Pasture-raised, 100% Pasture-finished, Grass-Fed Beef)

We put all that information right into our logo.  We want to make sure we are a brand you can trust.