News — rotational grazing

herding cattle on one of our ranches in Catheys Valley.  Spring time brings green grass, fat cattle, and happy cowboys and cowgirls!

On Fridays, We Move Cattle!

One of the best parts about our charter school is that it allows us to home school our kids on Fridays.  This provides opportunities for the kids to do things out of the ordinary on a school day, such as helping Dad out on the ranch.  So when he can, the Head Cowboy does ranch activities on Fridays so the kids can help out.

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Greenwashing.  The new black.

Greenwashing. The new black.

Have an “All Natural Burger” Recently a major fast food chain launched its own version of “The All Natural Burger”.  It boasts no hormones, free range and grass fed.  Last year another nationwide chain (that markets itself extensively as a healthy and green option to fast food) announced something similar.  I usually like to let this kind of thing slide, but I just can’t keep quiet on this one.  I suppose this can be seen as a victory for grass fed beef, it is popular enough now to be seen as almost mainstream.  Then again it can be seen as...

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