Greenwashing. The new black.

Greenwashing.  The new black.
Have an “All Natural Burger” Recently a major fast food chain launched its own version of “The All Natural Burger”.  It boasts no hormones, free range and grass fed.  Last year another nationwide chain (that markets itself extensively as a healthy and green option to fast food) announced something similar.  I usually like to let this kind of thing slide, but I just can’t keep quiet on this one.  I suppose this can be seen as a victory for grass fed beef, it is popular enough now to be seen as almost mainstream.  Then again it can be seen as a loss for those of us that have worked very hard to bring all natural grass fed beef to consumers.  Let me explain… Per the press release of that fast food chain, they are sourcing their beef from Australia and South America.  Ok.  Great.  So it won’t in anyway help American ranchers that have worked hard to popularize Grass Fed Beef as a product.  Next up, the fact that in MOST of the world’s major beef producing nations grass fed is the normal production method for beef.  So they haven’t actually done anything special. What they did was look at their costs and decide that US beef was too expensive (US beef prices have been setting all-time highs this past year) and need a cheaper option.  Soooo…. They decided to buy foreign beef at lower prices and see if they could greenwash that decision by marketing it as something special.  Which it is not.  What is the carbon footprint on beef shipped across the Pacific Ocean? You know what?  None of that matters.  Why?  Because we do what we do because we believe in it.  NOT because it is a marketing gimmick.  NOT because it is suddenly trending on Twitter.  Feeding people is a noble profession and we choose to do it nobly.  That means holding true to our values.  Looking after our animals, being faithful stewards of the land and serving our customers. So we think you should have an all natural grass fed burger.  Just make it from somebody you trust. Thanks Seth

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