Turning sentiments into votes

Turning sentiments into votes
Last week, the Republic that we call home compelled us to raise our voices and be heard.  I admit it, I like voting.  I like to smile really big at the elderly lady volunteering at the polling station, I like knowing that when I pull the curtain behind me I won’t be bothered (sometimes I am tempted to stay longer for that reason).  Then I get a sticker that I can wear proudly (like when you got a gold star in Kindergarten).  The best part is that no matter who you are, on some, albeit small, level you made your voice heard.


I am a big fan of making your voice heard in very small ways.  I know that seems ironic since you are reading this in a blog that reaches hundreds of people.  But you, our customers, are what I am talking about when I say making your voice heard!  Let me explain, I hear a lot about changing the food system and how our way of raising meat is good, but other ways are bad, etc, etc.  And while I don’t mean to diminish that sentiment, because it is very important,  but it is just that, a sentiment...until you vote. When we started this company, it was a vote, a vote to do something different  in the food system.  We were tired of the business as usual status quo of the beef industry.  We voted...with our feet...we decided to do something different.  And in that small way we have made a difference in the food system.  And so do you, as our customers, because you have been there to support us.  When you buy beef from us it is casting a vote for sustainable agriculture, for family farms, and for local products.  When you cast that vote it is a referendum on who we are and what we do.  So far you, our customers, have enabled us to continue doing what we love to do!  We thank you for your vote and hope you continue to help us make positive changes in our food system!

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  • So glad to learn your story and to try your beef. I love your quote that “joy is so much better than happiness.” That says everything about you. May God continue to bless you. What may seem boring to you looks pretty amazing to me. Look what God did!

    Thank you for sharing. Your articles/pictures are amazing.


    Cooleys on

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