mRNA Vaccine and Cattle (Honestly: I hate this topic)

mRNA Vaccine and Cattle (Honestly: I hate this topic)

A couple of weeks back I found myself in a “Twitter War” with an online “Scientician”.  Usually I work hard to stay out of stuff like this.  It’s a no-win situation, and I don’t really have time or motive to argue with public figures.  

I got a lot of support from one side.  I got a lot of hate from the other side.  Exactly what you would expect - and just one more reason why I hate social media.  Lots of rancor and no conclusion.  I hope I was able to shed some light on this based on my experience - but I doubt it. All those involved had pretty well made up their minds, and the statements of someone who was actually involved in the thing being discussed did not seem to matter.


I have heard from a lot of customers about this.  I am happy for the feedback.  Based on what our customers expect from us I am willing to state for the record - We will NOT be using mRNA vaccinations on our cattle.  We already have an excellent track record with the vaccination program we have.  We have no intention to change.

So why do I hate this topic? Because I am a guy who knows about burgers… and this is a 99.99% pure nothing-burger.  There are no mRNA vaccines used on cattle in the US.  They don’t exist.  There may be some under development, but I can't get any confirmation on that one way or the other.  I make it a point to not spread around information on a subject where I have no working knowledge.  What I do know is: of all the things that affect our health - spending time and energy on a topic that is purely hypothetical seems like a distraction. 

There is no USDA mandate or FDA mandate or anything like that saying ranchers will be required to give Covid-19 vaccinations to cattle.  Cattle don’t get Covid, so we won't be vaccinating cattle for Covid.

The vaccination program we use is one that we developed with our veterinarian about 15 years ago.  We have a standard program that has “Killed Virus” and a “Modified Live Virus” and MultiMin (an injectable vitamin and mineral supplement).  We vaccinate for things like Bovine Respiratory Disease, Bovine Viral Diarrhea, Black Leg and some other bovine specific disease.  We do this to keep our cattle healthy.  Cattle do get “Corona Virus” vaccinations.  In this case “Corona” is a type of virus (kind of like a collie is a type of dog) . Some of those types of viruses can cause respiratory disease like pneumonia.


For those of you with well worn and well adorned tin-foil hats; if the government, or Bill Gates, or the UN, or the World Economic Forum or the Illuminati force us to vaccinate our cattle with mRNA vaccines… and come to our ranches with jack booted thugs and enforce their decree at gun-point.  I pledge to you right now, you can take my modified live vaccines from my COLD, DEAD. HAND.

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