Our Poultry

Pastured Chicken

In an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the quality meats desired, we have partnered with local family farmers in Turlock, CA to raise pastured poultry. These family farmers have values completely in line with ours. They believe in raising chickens the way they were intended to live, out in the open, eating the foods nature intended. The chickens they raise are Cornish Cross birds. They are never confined to tiny cages; instead they spend their days foraging in the pasture for feed. They receive an all-natural, antibiotic free chicken feed and lots of fresh grass!

What does “pastured poultry” mean?

“Pastured” means that our chickens spend their life outside rather than indoor confinement. In this sustainable method of raising chickens, the birds are moved to various sections of pasture, where they spend their time foraging for food. Moving them from section to section is good for the soil and the poultry. The end result is meat that is savory, moist and healthy with as little impact to the environment as possible.

Know your producer

If you’re familiar with our company, you know we feel very strongly about knowing the people who are producing the food we consume! It’s so much better to know where your food comes from and who the people are that raise it, because labels can be misleading. Our chickens are free-range in the truest sense of the term. They spend their entire life outside eating fresh grass and feed, not just a few hours here and there.