Show us your mess!!

Hello readers! So about a year ago, I sat down to write my first blog. I was nervous, sad and excited!  Nervous, because while I’ve always loved to journal and write, I’ve never put my writing out there for the public to view; sad, because our youngest had just started kindergarten, and excited because I was venturing into new territory – having more time to devote to our business and put some of my own touches, creativity and expression into it.  Long story short, I found myself pregnant with our 3rd child about 2 months after school started and life changed again! So here I am a year later, sitting in our office with our 3-month old daughter sleeping next to me while I type. I still hope to get back to being more involved in the business, but it’s going to look a little different than I thought it would!  I’m coming to realize that nothing is ever perfect, the timing for things is never just right, and circumstances are usually different than we think they should be…at 37, I’m a slow learner and it has taken me a while to realize all this. We’ve noticed that with the onslaught of social media, everyone is bombarded with how their lives should look, how their spouses should act, how well-behaved and successful their children ought to be. So at Open Space Meats and in our own home, Seth and I have decided to embark on real life; we’re calling it #showusyourmess.  We encourage you to get out there and enjoy what you have and make the most of it.  Then if you feel like sharing, post it and tag us!  We think by living real and sharing this experience we can do more good than by faking a perfect existence (which we weren’t doing anyhow!) [caption id="attachment_1151" align="alignnone" width="300"]Here's the view of my office on the day I was blogging! Here's the view of my office on the day I was blogging![/caption] So here’s the view in my office right now. The desk is a mess, I haven’t cleaned up my lunch yet, but the baby’s asleep, I’ve paid all the bills, invoiced our customers and feel somewhat accomplished.  I hope this day finds you as good as can be! Many blessings, Mica [caption id="attachment_1152" align="alignnone" width="225"]I was cleaning then realized I had to leave to pick up kids from school...NOW!  I was cleaning then realized I had to leave to pick up kids from school...NOW![/caption]